The Other Place

Elemental Woves in the Wonder of Their Own Land. (Name Stolen from Sargerules. Name only. Ideas are based off of JewGoose's RP.)
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 Application rules And Form

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PostSubject: Application rules And Form   Wed Dec 09, 2009 10:17 pm

To be a part of The Other Place, you must apply and be accepted. To be accepted, your application must:

x. Show proof of an understanding of the English language by using correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. (We welcome members from all countries and backgrounds, we just ask you speak correctly and do not use chat speak)
x. Have an RP example of 100+ words. (can be simply a history of a character)
x. If you have read everything regarding any kind of rules place the words 'Waffle House' instead of yes or no on the last question of the form
x. Have an accurate description of your character, mentally and physically.
x. Once you are accepted, you are free to Roleplay and add your form the Character listings!

If you think you can follow all that, you're welcome to apply. :]

x. Character Name:
x. Character Gender:
x. Character Age *adult,pup,or elder* :
x. Rank: [You will be assigned one by either Request to Me or by the RP itself]
x. Pack: When you get accepted into one.
x. Power:
x. Crush/mate:
x. Physical character description:
x. Mental character description: (personality, nature etc.)
x. History:
x. Have you read, and do you abide by all set rules?:

Please post this form on the applications board. If you're accepted, myself or a moderator will reply to your post saying so.
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Application rules And Form
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