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Elemental Woves in the Wonder of Their Own Land. (Name Stolen from Sargerules. Name only. Ideas are based off of JewGoose's RP.)
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 Aedel's Characters

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Aedel [MOD]

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PostSubject: Aedel's Characters   Sun Dec 13, 2009 5:14 pm

x. Character Name: Tryst

x. Character Gender: Female

x. Character Age *adult,pup,or elder* : [young] Adult

x. Rank: [You will be assigned one by either Request to Me or by the RP itself]

x. Pack: Would do better as a loner

x. Power: Fire

x. Crush/mate: None

x. Physical character description:

Tryst is a narrow, tall she-wolf. Her frame is light and delicate, and her movement is fluid and detached. Her coat is silky, soft, shimmering in the sun, a fairly uniform orange color. Her chest has a white bib, extending down her stomach and the underside of her tail, while her paws all in black socks, which fade up into the orange. The backs of her ears are also deep coal black. She has black fur just around the rims of her emerald eyes, defining them, and showing great contrast between their lush depths and her fiery coat. The end of her tial is black, as if dipped in paint, and the very tip of it is white. All in all, Tryst looks a lot like a wolf in fox’s clothing. While her face is slim, long, and distinctly lupine, her pattern is one known well as the one of the red fox.

She tends to hold herself at full height. She’s tall for a female, though not taller then the boys, of course. Her delicate frame prevents her from being incredibly strong, actually, she’s not very strong at all. But her long, elegant legs lend her almost unrivaled speed and agility, which she uses to her advantage whenever she can. And honestly, anyone with the build to be as fast as her would be about her strength, so she feels she has nothing to fear.

Even from a distance, Tryst looks anything but ordinary. Her chest is deep and narrow, her shoulders slim and her waist slimmer still, and then on to prevelant, hips, only slightly larger than her shoulders. Her tail is long, bushy, and she has excellent control over it, constantly keeping it in motion.

x. Mental character description:

The definition of a tryst is this : ‘an agreement (as between lovers) to meet’ (according to Merriam-Webster), which is absolutely perfect for Tryst. She’s a flirt, a bad one too. She has no intention of ever settling down with anyone in particular. No intention of having pups, a pack, or starting a family. She doesn’t respect authority at all, and is smart enough to realize she can get away with it if she’s careful enough… Or fast enough.

Tryst is a trickster, loving to humiliate and confuse other females, exploiting them. And the males, well, she leads them on until they’re hooked on her, and then she’s gone. She no longer stays hidden and watches. She knows exactly what havoc she’s wreaking and loves it. When she’s after her current man, her emerald eyes never, ever betray her true intentions. She’s secretive, sneaky… Tryst really should have been born a vixen, not a wolf. She’s an actress of high caliber, faking her tenderness with revolting sincerity. She’s not afraid to take time on her projects, spending months convincing her target that they really are the love of her life.

Of course, she will feel the occasional twinge of remorse, after all, she knows very well her intentions. Once they construct her into their lives, she leaves, and a hole is opened. Depending on how deep she is in their lives, sometimes the whole thing crumbles. And sometimes that’s tough. But she never really gets ‘attached to anyone, so she’s over it soon, and off to the next boy who finds her pretty.

I’d love to stick in a ‘Despite all this flirty cruelness, Tryst has a soft side’ transition, but sadly, that’s not who she is. After the sweet, flirty romantic façade falls to reveal the almost sadistic Loki beneath, there’s nothing more, and you’ve reached her true self.

x. History:

Now comes the traumatizing incident that reveals her motivations, the lover killed or the one that got away, condemning her to a life of cruelly taunting others with whispers of love, right? No, not really. Tryst was born to loner parents who were almost nauseatingly in love. Tryst and her brother Rendezvous were the only two pups born, but they were her parent’s fifth litter. They grew up roving around, always returning to one den eventually, eating good food, being taught morals and skills. The twins did fine, they could hunt, they could fight their unique styles. Rendezvous was captivated by life, loving every moment with his family. Tryst was bored out of her mind, and once she knew everything she needed to, she left. She said goodbye, as payment for her life skills, and then disappeared without a backwards glance. She has no nostalgic thoughts about what could be considered and idyllic childhood.

Since then, she’s traveled around, breaking hearts and doing what she pleases, when she pleases. That’s just the way she lives
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Aedel's Characters
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