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Elemental Woves in the Wonder of Their Own Land. (Name Stolen from Sargerules. Name only. Ideas are based off of JewGoose's RP.)
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 Romance? Whaaaaat?

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PostSubject: Romance? Whaaaaat?   Sun Dec 13, 2009 3:58 pm

I just wanted to let you know of rules for Romance.
Following this excerpt:

Quote :
Deep in the forest, we see a snow covered canyon, pine trees freckled in the valley below. Cliffs guard it, peaked with mounds of ice and trees. If you look closely, you can see the lake in the middle... that's Star shine Pond... That's where all the 'magic' happens. Every wolf digs him/herself a den and waits for mating season to come. Until then, we spend our time gathering food and bulking up with muscle. Why? Well, why else would we? Oh... you didn't know... Well... here, it's an eternal winter. And during mating season, things get a little rough. The females will randomly wrestle with any potential competition and build up her strength. They do this because in order to find a mate, you need to be in 1) Perfect shape, 2) Able to fight, and 3) Able to kill a wolf. Why? Because your mate might die in a fight. Males constantly have to watch for their mate and pups, because at any moment, you could end up losing both your pups and your life. All of us are loners, so every wolf for himself. So the rules are that if you didn't get a mate, you kill one males pups and him and mate again, planting your own gene in the female. So that's how it works, go on, go find a burrow.

Of course our lay of the land is not set in stone, neither is there a long winter but there is, however mating. without it there would be no puppies and or pack relations.

[[NOTE: While in life only the Alpha's mate, in this RP there are other couples that can mate.]]

ATTENTION! Graphic Mating will get you BANNED! If it has a romantic pre-cursor, sure you can RP that. But when it comes time... the curtain closes.
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Romance? Whaaaaat?
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