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Elemental Woves in the Wonder of Their Own Land. (Name Stolen from Sargerules. Name only. Ideas are based off of JewGoose's RP.)
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 Read and Understand!

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PostSubject: Read and Understand!   Wed Dec 09, 2009 9:56 pm

Forum Related:

* Cursing is allowed, minimally, if not used to insult others.
* Gore/Descriptive Mating/etc should be kept off of the site.
* If you stretch the board, your post may be deleted/modified so that it no longer is. This includes Signatures. Mod's have every right to edit signatures.
* Disrespect of Any kind may result in a 2 day banishment
* Do not engage in religious or racist debate. To prevent this, talk of offensive materials is prohibited.
* Do not impersonate staff. If someone is claiming to be Mods/Admin and you are not sure if they are, please check the mod list at the bottom.

RP Related:

* Do not Godmod/Powerplay/Etc
* No 1-liners.
* Wolf script [ex: fae, brute, tassle, etc.] is strictly prohibited. Use words that have actual meaning- words that are in dictionaries. >_>;
* Do not use other character names. We can only have one "Shooter" and one "Paws". Unless a character dies, don't use it.
* We work on "semi-liquid" time. Meaning your character can be in more than one post at a time, but only up to 3 posts.
* You can have as many characters as you wish, but if one of your characters falls into inactivity it will be deleted. Keep All of your own characters in a post designated to you.

Its fine if another person comes into the RP, but please try to keep the order so another RPer isn't kicked out of the RP.
* Correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation is expected of all members.

Character Related:

* All character Information MUST BE realistic. Do a little research.
* Character pictures MUST be credited properly. I will be checking.
* Yes, overall Females are weaker than males. Especially when it comes to fighting for dominance.
* You must apply and be accepted before you can post. If a moderator or admin has not accepted (or rejected/commented on) your character in 3 days' time, you may roleplay with it without permission.

Breaking Rules Related:

* You get 3 warnings, then you are banned for 2 days.
* If you continue breaking rules, you will be banned for a month.
* Continuance will result in total banning.
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Read and Understand!
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