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Elemental Woves in the Wonder of Their Own Land. (Name Stolen from Sargerules. Name only. Ideas are based off of JewGoose's RP.)
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 Ninja's Character(s)

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Ninja [MOD]

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PostSubject: Ninja's Character(s)   Sat Dec 12, 2009 1:10 pm

My First Character:
x. Character Name: Darkness
x. Character Gender: Male
x. Character Age *adult,pup,or elder* : Adult
x. Rank: Loner
x. Pack: None
x. Power: Fire
x. Crush/mate: Always Open
x. Physical character description: He's a dark shadowy gray wolf with a long thin scar on his left shoulder. He has deep, unwavering golden eyes.
x. Mental character description: Fiercely loyal to those he loves, he will stick with you to the end or until he finds you unworthy of his loyalty and trust. He's kind but he will not show it outright, he's not exactly what you'd call approachable as he has a dark personality but he is very much a gentleman (for a wolf). He's trustworthy though not very trusting. He hates hypocrites and always does what he feels is right. All in all, he's pretty much a Fire personality. He's a natural born leader, he's just never been given the chance to lead.
x. History: He wont talk about it.
x. Have you read, and do you abide by all set rules?: Yup Smile

Waffle House

My Second Character:

x. Character Name: Silversong
x. Character Gender: Female
x. Character Age *adult,pup,or elder* : Adult
x. Rank: Loner
x. Pack: none
x. Power: Water
x. Crush/mate: None
x. Physical character description: Slim silver she-wolf with glowing, kind yellow eyes. Very beautiful.
x. Mental character description: Kind, loving, outgoing, sensitive to others feelings. She's trusting, perhaps to trusting at times, and she's trustworthy. She's loyal no matter what. She stands up for what she believes in most of the time. She hates hurting others, for she is a gentle soul. If saying what she believes will hurt someone, she probably wont say it, she will just stay quiet, unless it is uber important. She hates conflict and tries to avoid it at all costs. She is definitely a follower, not a leader.
x. History: She doesn't like to talk about it, it's not bad, she just doesn't like to talk about it.
x. Have you read, and do you abide by all set rules?: yup
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Ninja's Character(s)
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